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Moo & animals

'Moo' is a name of a happy cow that lives on the farm. Moo has a lot of friends. There is a cow, pig, lamb, hen, goat, cat, dog and many other animals. Each makes their own, characteristic sound. This is not a typical game in which you go through levels and quests. It is fun, where each touch or finger swipe will cause a funny reaction of farm animals or the surrounding world. Simple and intuitive.

Animals & cars

It is pure fun for toddlers. There are large cars and small cars. There is police, fire truck, ambulance, construction vehicles, excavator and concrete mixer, also a car with ice cream, towtruck and many more vehicles. Each car has a different animation. From concrete mixer balls fall out, the garbage truck takes away the garbage. Like in each of our games each touch or finger swipe will cause a cheerful reaction in a world full of cars and animals.

Animals - first words

Meet animals from different parts of the world: African desert, seas and oceans, ice land. Stimulates child development. Children will learn the names of individual animals. The lector in game will tell the child the animal’s name.